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How To Piss Off A Woman With Big Boobs?



Most men are big fans of boobs and they think they have a license to join the fan club from birth. So they have invented ways to bug a woman with big boobs in their own innovative ways:

1. They try to glance down at them at work. And think nobody is looking.

Check where they are looking when you are giving a presentation.

2. They ask if they are real or fake?

Seriously, what cheek. And who are they to ask anyway.

3. Can I touch them to see if they are real?

In what world do you think we will say yes.

4. When they ask the size of bra we wear. In their mind, they are guessing the right answer.

Don’t bother replying at all.

5. Passing remarks like – Leave some room for imagination

Go find somebody else.

6. Empathize by saying most of your body weight is just concentrated there.

Don’t we already know how good we look.

7. They send a message after a break-up – I am missing them!

That’s the worst thing that a man can do.

8. When they want to talk to them, like another person

Normal or not, it is a turn-off for sure.

9. By telling women life is so easy because of them

Well, only we know the problems that we had to face.

10. Only look at them in bed!

It’s the most used strategy in the book, but we have other assets too.

Here’s the problem which only girls with big boobs can understand…

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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