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16 Signs She Is Giving You To Have Sex With Her!

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Have you been wondering about some girl’s changed attitude toward you? Well, keep reading to find out if she is actually in to you or not. We have compiled a list of 16 signs that she might be giving you in order to make you make the first move. Just catch enough of these signs and it becomes easy for it to know better the hotness of the situation.

“Hey I am alone at home, getting bored”

Signs that she want to sleep with you

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Just make sure you don’t get your hopes high any soon, she might actually need a helping hand or maybe, a true friend by her side. Get your hormones in control according to the situation 😛

She Asks for All your time Many times…

Signs that she is willing to sleep with you

Possessiveness can be a sign of she trying to own you. If in control, its quite romantic, pray for it to come down as the relationship progresses. Women tend to be possessive even when they are in a friend’s with benefits kind of thing, however, it doesn’t apply to all women.

She asks about How she looks again and again!!


Ammm, Well. She clearly wants you to take interest in how she has dressed. She might actually mean, – “Hey, look at my curves, don’t you think I am sexy?” but, she’s a woman. So. Once or twice, this is not a great signal, but, is she being too frequent with it? Dude, ask her out. Romantic dinner maybe.

She Expresses her feelings (a lot)


Have you ever heard her saying – “Sometimes I really need you”. Well, Women tend to be more emotional than men, their sexual arousal is also more dependent on their comfort level with the other person. Such questions are a way for her to test her comfort level with you.

I am planning a trip, wanna come along?

Be smart on this one, find out how many people are being invited, she might be only asking for the sake of asking. If you are a new friend for her and still she is asking you, this might be a signal for you to make the first move buddy.

I went out for lingerie shopping

My friend lost her virginity

Have you seen porn films?

I like that Amul Macho advt, ‘Yeh To Bada Toing Hai’

That AXE advt is such a turn-on


Can we go to Goa together?


Asks you really Personal Questions(Naughty Kind)


If she has been asking you some really intimate questions, trying to divert the conversation to a sexual topic, just flow with it. Don’t turn her off with your dull responses.

You think premarital sex is wrong?

I don’t think masturbation is healthy for boys!

signs that she might be interested in sleeping with you

Image Source: Apna Timepass

Have you heard of i-Pill?


I wish we could….

Disclaimer: For those with lack of common sense and obvious knowledge, these are possible signs and not authentic in nature.


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