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Painted Leaves That Will Leave You In Awe, For All Good Reasons!


Team Khurkihttps://khurki.net
KHURKI is a character who's sarcastic by birth and has sarcasm running in its veins in place of blood. Its bitter-sour tongue gives it the edge!

Art & craft are the among the best form of creativity. As Albert Einstein rightly said, creativity is intelligence having fun. Leaves have the beauty of their own, but humans too can do wonders. And these two artists give such a touch almost daily through painted leaves. Doing such a thing to fallen leaves in autumn is a treat for art lovers.

Kristi Botkoveli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridze have created this unique art work. You can always land on their Facebook page 24 Fallen Leaves. The number 24 signifies the date they met in a park for the first time.

leaf-painting6-khurki-netleaf-painting7-khurki-netleaf-painting8-khurki-netleaf-painting9-khurki-netleaf-painting10-khurki-netleaf-painting11-khurki-netleaf-painting12-khurki-netleaf-painting14-khurki-netleaf-painting15-khurki-netleaf-painting17-khurki-netleaves-painting18-khurki-netleaf-painting19-khurki-netleaves-painting20-khurki-netleaf-painting21-khurki-netleaf-painting22-khurki-netleaf-painting23-khurki-netleaf-painting24-khurki-netleaves-painting25-khurki-netleaves -painting-khurki-net

And that’s one unique form of art you just enjoyed. Share and spread the magic of art with just one click.

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