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Which 10 Things Back Benchers Did To Have Fun In Class?

Schooling! The most important phase of student’s life. Everyone must have enjoyed it but alas, some of you have missed the fun in class. The reason could have been your being the topper of the class or you were the front bencher or even worse the monitor of your class, you were your teacher’s favourite. But not to worry, KHURKI brings all the things that your classmates used to do but you obviously missed them. So now, you can live those moments and for those who were the naughty ones, they can relive it.

Sleeping in the class

This is probably the hobby of all the back benchers. To sit at the back and get a power nap to get the energy to disturb the next class teacher. But now your life and its problems are not letting you sleep even in the silence of the dark.

Young female student sleeping during a lecture.

Image Source: www.northwesternflipside.com

Your reaction when mobile phone beeps

Your mobile beeps and you get curious about the message and the sender, so you used to see it immediately. But now you just want to switch off your phone to get some peace in life.


Image Source: www.lanthorn.com

Eating food while the teacher was teaching

This is for all the foodies and sometimes food thieves also come under this category. While others are busy listening to the teacher, they are busy polishing off others’ lunch boxes. And now you face reality that hunger is not for food but for money that can’t be satisfied.

Smiling children eating lunch in classroom

Image Source: nutritionsavvy.ca

Whispering while studying

Oh! You kind of remembered all the secrets or things to share with your friends while your teacher was looking at the board. Obviously, it was more important than what your teacher was talking about! Unfortunately, now you don’t have such friends with whom you can share your secrets.


Image Source: footage.framepool.com

Using the phone under the table

This trick of using phone during lectures is mostly used by all of us. If we didn’t get caught by our teachers, cheers to that. But today we know that money exchanged under the table is the only thing that works, nothing else.


Image Source: www.lanthorn.com

Hiding yourself behind your friend

Most of us used to hide behind the person sitting in front of us to easily escape the keen eye of teachers. But today, we want to have all the limelight.


Image Source: universe.byu.edu

Facebook, your partner in classroom

This is what all the teachers used to hate sometime. Because being students, we get so involved with our Facebook friends that we hardly listen to the words of teachers. And now we sometimes realize that we are left with just online friends and no real ones.


Image Source: www.quickmeme.com

Paper planes behind the teacher’s back

This we used to do just for the sake of having fun or sometimes to pass the messages from here and there and mostly all of us were caught red handed while doing this. And today we would jump at the opportunity to sit in those planes and fly off to the class and relive those days.


Image Source: interculturalmeanderings.wordpress.com

Playing games in classroom

On pretext of doing projects on our machines, we used to play games and get excited to win those games. Being kids, we did not realise the games of life.


Image Source: cmapspublic2.ihmc.us

Chatting during class

We did a lot of chatting while the lecture was still going on. We used to copy our teachers, sometimes laugh at their way of speaking. Had we known that these friends and teachers won’t come back, we would have thought twice about doing it.


Image Source: kellyallisonjoy.wordpress.com

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