Which 10 Things Back Benchers Did To Have Fun In Class?

Schooling! The most important phase of student’s life. Everyone must have enjoyed it but alas, some of you have missed the fun in class. The reason could have been your being the topper of the class or you were the front bencher or even worse the monitor of your class, you were your teacher’s favourite. But not to worry, KHURKI brings all the things that your classmates used to do but you obviously missed them. So now, you can live those moments and for those who were the naughty ones, they can relive it.


10. Sleeping in the class

This is probably the hobby of all the back benchers. To sit at the back and get a power nap to get the energy to disturb the next class teacher. But now your life and its problems are not letting you sleep even in the silence of the dark.

Image Source: www.northwesternflipside.com