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Never Discuss These Secret Things With Your Friends!



Human emotions are the most beautiful feelings in the world and the way these emotions vary all the time is super tricky.Let me give you an example : You go out for a dinner date and your man gifts you a very expensive gift.You feel elated and the moment you reach home, you call your bestie and give her all the details about the evening.Sounds pretty exciting ya..but hey you know what..wait and think!

We understand that the excitement of an affair needs to be shared with friends, but there are certain things that you should never disclose to anybody…nobody!

Some things are best when left untold.Please make sure that some secret things about your relationship stay only and only with you.What are those? Here,find out :

Your promises and commitments with each other

secret things

The way you two are planning to shape your future is only your business.No one else can ever understand the true emotion behind the commitments.

The nasty fights that you two have

secret things

If you still want suggestions, only spill out half the beans.Sometimes the other person gets a little too judgmental about the whole thing which might make the fight even more ugly.

What happens in bed, stays in bed

secret things

Your friends have no right to this information. Let it remain secure between both of you forever.These secret emotions stay afresh when they are not being compared by anyone to any other relationship or know what I mean!

Your partner’s weaknesses

secret things

Nobody said that your partner is perfect. And if he happens to share his insecurities with you, keep them safe in your heart.Sometimes people tend to misuse these secrets later on.

Money matters are your matters

secret things

No two couples handle their money in the same manner. There is really no need to share the intricate details of your arrangement with anybody.You might be taken on a distracted journey in case some one doesn’t understand your relationship too well.

If he is facing trouble at the home front

secret things

If you happen to know his equation with his family members, then keep the details to yourself. Earn some respect.Blabbing about him might pose a threat to your relationship.

So babes and dudes some secret things in your relationship MUST stay in that tummy of yours..mind it!


Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
Bon vivant, writer extraordinaire. Can be reached at: Facebook | Twitter | E-mail me

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