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Spare The Guys! 14 Annoying Situations Men Are Judged In!



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Guys are judged for every possible thing they do. But surprisingly, something people rarely talk about. It’s always women issues that get highlighted, discussed, debated and thrashed!

Isn’t it high time men problems also become the news hour debate, or something the nation wants to know.

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A man is born strong, hardcore tough, et al. This is not true. Men also have their weak moments, they also like the colour pink and that doesn’t makes them less of a man. Being a man is tough not because men are tough but because living with judgmental freaks all the time is not at all easy.

Some of the annoying things KHURKI thinks guys are judged for:


He might just be looking at someone passing by, but his stare is what people will judge him for.


Oh yes! The world is full of insecure wives and girlfriends. A man is mostly misunderstood for simply being nice to some other woman.

Being strong

Just because the man in front of you is a man doesn’t mean he is strong. Life is not a battlefield and men are not soldiers. It can be okay not to be strong at times.


When it comes to “men don’t cry” theory, we all know what bulls**t it is all about. A man with a heart full of emotions is also a man and men do cry!


Every child in our country is always asked “Beta, papa kya karte hain?” And in this one question, the child, his father and his entire family ends up getting judged. “A man is what his profession is” is just another wasted concept of our society.

Paternity leave

Oh yes, men are also taking paternity leave these days. And it is absolutely okay to be with your partner during the days she needs you the most.

Household help to wife

A man helping his wife in the kitchen or washing clothes or utensils is a “Joru Ka Gulaam”. He has been forced by his wife to do so or he’s scared of his wife and every possible judgmental argument one can offer.

Wearing pink colour

A man wearing colour pink is definitely judged to be gay. And if he’s enjoying Justin Bieber’s music, then he’s certified to be one. Reason: of the most common type of brain, we homo sapiens have the stereotype one.

Spending too much time in washroom

Your room mate or your family will definitely doubt you of masturbating inside. (And this is the real shit)

Night proof

Sending a man/boy out in the dark for any random reason. And that person will have to be a male because men are born night proof!


men judged

A man with secretary is always having an affair with her and if not, most of the time he would have been hitting on her whenever possible.


Whatever is there with this place, but any group of men or even a single man going to Bangkok, married or bachelor in his 20s, 40s or 60s, falls in the same bracket!

Nerd if scores too well

And for all you top rankers out there, you were all judged for being a padakhu, a nerd or a geek!

Guys make every female/male (judgmental freak) you know read this!

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
Humour, creativity, writing, travel, music and non-stop chattering describe me the best!!! Find me on: Facebook |  Twitter

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