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Break The Monotony Of Life, Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

Agree to the fact that we do things the same old way because it’s comfortable. Things you do all the time, like cooking dinner, commuting to work, watching TV and many more don’t you get bored? I am sure you do! So it’s time to stretch yourself and trust me it will be good for you. There’s no room for adventure and excitement in your comfort zone, in fact over the time you might feel trapped by boredom.

Start looking at the bigger picture of life and if you step out of your comfort zone you will get chance to learn, grow and try new things. And remember this, the more comfortable you get with trying new things, the more you are going to say yes to new challenges. So to push you all out from your comfort zone, Khurki has listed few tasks for you all.

Experiment with yourself

One of the biggest things that hold many of us back is our fear of what people think. It’s time to let go of your insecurities and try the things that you are afraid of. Change your hairstyle, your wardrobe, your look. Just be bold and carry it with confidence.


Take a new route every day

Always try to change your routine way to the office. You will see new things and be more aware of your surroundings, besides tickling your brain.


Connect with people who inspire you

Spend a lot of time with people who have the same ambitions and the same positivity as you. It is the only way to move forward in life.


Trust your quick decisions

Most people often contradict themselves. Don’t get double-minded, just follow your intuition or gut feeling and go for it.


Travel solo

Take one step to travel alone (obviously not within the town) and i promise you will never come back as the same person. You will be filled with positivity and you will become more responsible and learn a lot from life.


Celebrate every achievements

Start celebrating your small success and looking out for the positive side, as this is actually a good habit. When you don’t appreciate your own little efforts, then how will you be ableto get out of your comfort zone and think of big ideas.


Keep expectations in check

Don’t expect anything from anyone. Take full responsibility and be full incharge of your life, because everyone is busy shaping their own life. If possible, give more but expect less.


Free yourself of peer pressure

Our best comes out when we are free from pressures. Having freedom in relation with listening to your inner voice rather than seeking advice from others who don’t much about you. They will judge you by your behaviour towards them. So don’t!


Scare yourself everyday

Do one thing a day that scares you. When you do it, you will discover you are stronger than you thought. Do what you usually avoid and this will surely push your own limits of comfort and security.


Strike a conversation with a stranger

Many people think this is difficult, rude and awkward. It’s not! Ask me about it, people are really nice if you talk to them respectfully. For any reason, give in to small talk, for e.g compliment a stranger how awesome their fashion sense is. You will surely receive a positive reply.


Free yourself of gadgets

We are always asking how anyone managed to survive before the advent of smart phones, right? Well, we did survive. Thrived, in fact. So it’s possible to turn back the clock and disconnect a little. The results might surprise you.


Surprise your parents

It’s really a great feeling when you do unconditional things for your parents. One day just sacrifice your wants for material things. Instead, buy a gift for your parents and see the happiness on their faces.

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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