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Khurki OMG Facts #2

In the Part-2 of Khurki OMG Facts, we bring you some spicey and raunchy stuff from the world of Hollywood!  Scream OMG!!

1. TV star Oprah Winfrey and cult singer Elvis Presley are distant cousins

 oprha and elvis

2. Before writing Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was unemployed and lived on government assistance

J.K Rowling

 3. Doors lead vocalist Jim Morrison’s grave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris.


4. Two of the Beatles were kicked out of Germany for setting condoms on fire. They were lighting condoms to use as light source


5. Top Gun star Tom Cruise spent a year in a Franciscan seminary and he wanted to be a priest

Tom C.

6. Lady Gaga wrote her single Born This Way in 10 minutes flat

lady gaga born

7. The great warrior Ghengis Khan died in bed while having sex


8. When Drew Barrymore bared it all for Playboy, Steven Spielberg sent her a quilt and a note that read “cover yourself up”


9. American actor Megan Fox once worked at a smoothie shop and dressed up as a banana to attract customers

megan fox

10. Jackie Chan held an egg inside his fist and broke 12 concrete blocks with the same hand without damaging the egg

jackie chain

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