You never knew that someday in life, while driving home you will be thinking why am I doing this? And this thought is dangerous if you are a husband. Why is the modern generation so upset about the concept of marriage. People often talk about the status of a woman in a marriage, but what about men? Why doesn’t someone talk about the condition of men in a marriage? Though these things often come up as Whatsapp jokes,  but trust me at times they are not just jokes but more than a matter of laughter.

Waiting While She’s Shopping

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This is certainly the most irritating thing that men often face in a marriage. Waiting for her while she is trying infinite dresses, you are dead with boredom. Al you want is somebody to hold your hand and tell you that you don’t have to do it.

Waiting While She’s Getting Ready

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This chat explains it all..
Husband: M waiting downstairs in the parking.
Wife: will be there in 5 mins!
*After An Hour*
H: How much time more?
Wife: I told you 5 mins!

Picking Up Her Dress From Tailor/Dry Cleaner

You work all day. The boss screws you up to the maximum. Finally the time comes that you go home, get ready, and go to party with friends. Suddenly you get a text baby please pick my dress from the frigging far off possible dry cleaner. And that’s when you lose your shit, but you gotta do it.

Parent Teacher Meetings

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Urghhh! Men don’t even get the point of PTM. They call you up and tell you about what are the wrong things your kid is up to. Well, child is no perfect kid, that’s the damn reason why we send him to school. And if the teachers are not cute there is totally no point going.

Not Getting Time For Friends

Every time you make a plan with the guy gang, she needs you to do something. Making a plan is like a challenge for you. Women seriously need to understand that every guy needs time with his buddies. You give him all the more reason to dislike you.

Hobbies The Alien Term

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Every person in life picks a hobby but when you are hubby there’s no more hobby. Taking out time for those bike trips, photography, golf, cricket et al is just in office free-time imaginations.

Plan As Per Her/Kids

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Man of the house hardly gets an opportunity to make a plan. Even if you try to make one it becomes totally different. And you are the one who pays for it, and a coolie, driver, and responsible if anything goes wrong.

Financial Burdens

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In India, a father is one who goes to office in the morning and comes back home in evening and earns enough to make things work. No matter how small or big, any sort of financial burden is on the man. And this could be frustrating and it is the story of many households.

High time we form a men-inist organisation for husbands!



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