Have You Been Believing These Myths About Sex All Your Life?

myths about sex

You can call them old wives tales, or stuff you learn from movies. We all have lived with some sex myth that got busted some time or the other.

We have eight of such myths for you today that are sure to burst your bubble.

1. Size is what matters

You are not looking for the perfect shoe size, bigger the better. And shoe size is not directly proportional to any other size.

2. Getting on top is no ticket


Don’t believe your aunt Sheela when she tells you to get on top if you want a baby boy. Even NASA could not verify that.

3. You won’t get hitched on top


Also don’t believe her when she tells you to go on top to prevent getting pregnant. Gravity is not a superpower!

4. In order to taste like strawberries, you need to hog on strawberries


No scientific study supports this theory that your body fluids taste like the food you eat.

5. Aphrodisiacs are no miracle cure


Love foods get you all tingly and aroused in the head. There are many different types of aphrodisiacs on the market; from oyster extract to chocolate. How much they affect your libido is a point of discussion. If you’re interested in seeing the most powerful side of aphrodisiacs, my friend was recently telling me about the spanish fly. I hear it is the most powerful aphrodisiac around.

6. You might get killed the first time


It is different for everybody, and depends on your partner to a large extent.

7. When you are pregnant, have loads of sex


It might just backfire sometimes.

8. Smart couples use two condoms


In reality, the chances of the condom tearing are higher if you wear two of them.


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