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Watch Out! Halley’s Comet Visiting Your Neighbourhood Today!

Mark the dates of 5th and 6th May!

The comet is visible with naked eye only once in 75 years. But the meteor shower that its tail creates is visible every year. This year mark the dates of 5th and 6th May on your calendar to watch this spectacular wonder.

The showers started on 21st April and will continue to be seen in various parts of the Earth till 20th May. If you are really serious about watching this spectacle, then the best time to catch it is before dawn and at dusk.  You will be shocked to know that you could see up to 40 meteors in an hour.

In our stressful lives, we seem to have forgotten the galaxy altogether. This is a wonderful opportunity to share a piece of it with your kids. After all you might not be there when the comet comes visiting next.

Comet Halley 1

Just for the records, Halley’s Comet returns to the inner solar system have been observed and recorded by astronomers since at least 240 BC. Clear records of Halley’s Comet ‘s appearances were made by Chinese, Babylonian, and medieval European chroniclers, but were not recognized as reappearances of the same object at the time. The comet’s periodicity was first determined in 1705 by English astronomer Edmond Halley, after whom it is now named.

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