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OMG Facts 10: DYK, Flip-Flops Are Banned In Italy!



Just when you thought we were gone, we are back with a new set of some extremely amazing OMG Facts.

In this Did You Know (DYK) session, we ask if you know how much time in your whole life you spend kissing? What’s that one thing that’s surprisingly banned in Singapore? Read on, as we have all the answers!

1. For most whales, sex only lasts a few seconds
omg facts


2. On an average, a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day
omg facts


3. Just like alcoholics have AA, sex addicts have SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous). They have a 12-step program too!
omg facts


4. In your whole life, you will spend 20,160 minutes kissing. That’s over 14 days!
omg facts


5. In early the 16th century Europe, prostitutes were called ‘nuns’

omg facts


6. Saksaywaman are stacked stones and boulders outside Peru, and fit together so well without mortar that it’s impossible to get anything between two of the stones
omg facts


7. A married woman is only allowed to have one glass of wine in La Paz, Bolivia
omg facts


8. Chewing gum in the entire country of Singapore is illegal
omg facts


9. Capri, Italy, has a ban on “noisy footwear.” No flip-flops or squeaky shoes

omg facts


10. Caffeine makes you more open-minded to viewpoints that contradict your own

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