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Secrets Revealed! What Do Girls Check Out In Guys?

If you ever thought that girls do not check out boys, then my friend this common belief has finally been busted! It’s not just guys who check out girls. Girls do it too! It’s just that you are usually not able to notice women checking you out? Obviously, they have a different method to the madness.

Shyness may be a trait in most girls but ‘quite and quick’ is the key. On the other hand, guys don’t think there is anything wrong in letting everyone around know that they are checking out girls, including the object of their attention.

But, now that we’ve got to know about the ‘secret observation’ of girls, the question that arises next is what do girls generally notice or check in guys? We try and answer… 

Hotness Graph/Sex Appeal

Any ‘hot’ gender can never probably get unnoticed.

cupid sonakshi

If he’s got a giant nose

Stop poking your fingers into your nose, guys.

shahrukh khan worst films

Is he really a superman?

You got to help her if her car breaks down.


How good is his wardrobe?

You need to dress up and show up.

If he too’s checking you out

And that eye-to-eye moment.


If he’s got a good bum

Ask your trainer for that special butt exercise.

Girl Checking Out

Follow the ‘spot’ of his eyes

And you now where it all starts 🙂


A perfect figure

If you’re too thin or fat, you’re not mentioned here.


Cute looks

Well, even guys love listening to the word ‘aww’.


Only if he’s really good looking

Don’t worry, you’re not ugly…. she’s a racist.

Voice, if possible

You may stalk him till he open his mouth, for that matter.


Charming ‘Beard’ is an attraction

Beard game is what he’s been living for!

Here’s short and enthralling video to further support the contention:

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
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