These Miss World Winners Will Surely Take Your Breath Away!


Every young girl at some point of growing up wishes to become Miss World. The position however, requires you to be a rare combo of brains, wit and body. Miss World winners have been inspiration to other women, to feel beautiful, since the contest came into existence. Every year, women from all over the planet take part in this coveted competition, hoping to win. Over the years, there have been some exceptionally beautiful winners. Have a look at who they are.

Ivian Sarcos

The lady belongs to Portugal and her face is so pretty that once you look at it, you just can’t top staring at it. She was in fact given the additional title of the face of the year in 2011. And she has a smart brain behind the looks too. After she won, she went back home and established an agency to help orphans.

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Diana Hayden

She is our very own beauty with a purpose. The lady hails from Hyderabad and people still remember her for her perfect body and photogenic face. Besides being a model, she is a successful TV host, writer and an expert on wellness.

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Zhang Zilin

The lady hails from China and can be mistaken for a life-size Chinese doll. Her face is so innocent that it is almost surreal. She is a top class athlete too.

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Agbani Darego

The lady was the first woman from an African country to win this title. She was even in the top ten of the Miss Universe title. The lady came from a large family of eight children, with loads of struggle, but never stopped dreaming.

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Aishwarya Rai

What can we say, the world cannot get over her drop dead looks and stunning features. She might have won the title in 1994, but she still looks as gorgeous as that day till today.

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These women are the best of the best.

Janvi Sood
Janvi Sood
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