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Hey Girls, These Are The Things Boys Need From You!

Boys say that it's very difficult to understand a girl, but nowadays the situation is actually same on both the sides. As girls also...

Jaw-Dropping Fact: Pink Used To Be The Colour Of Boys!

Pink... pink room, pink frocks, pink pillows, pink bag and  everything pink... sounds so pinky-pinky right? You must be feeling very girlish by reading...

Friendship Bond With Boys Or Girls, Which One Do You Believe?

Friends make our life worth living. Sometimes, when you have no hope and fun in life they become the source of hope and enjoyment. If...

Secrets Revealed! What Do Girls Check Out In Guys?

If you ever thought that girls do not check out boys, then my friend this common belief has finally been busted! It's not just guys...

Boys Can’t Cry, But What If Your’s Does?

Yes I agree that boys cry very rarely as compared to girls, but there are some boys who don't have any qualms in showing...

Questions Girls Always Wanted To Ask Guys!

What are the kind of posers guys could be made to handle?

The All New Innova Looks Promising!

New Design, New Temptation!!

Woman Gives Befitting Reply To Pyaar Ka Punchnama Monologue

Whoa gurls...finally someone did it!!!

Reasons Why Girls Are Better Than Boys! No Discussion Needed!

Any dissent with the opinion expressed is most welcome...

Things Guys Do When They Like You, Genuinely!

Khurki is doing all this right now!

Wake Up Mothers Of India! It’s Now Or Never.

Wake up to reality Moms.

We Call This Home: 3 Years And 60 Countries! Phew!

A backpacker's dream lived well!

Don’t Cry Like A Girl: Reasons Why Boys Think They Can’t Cry!

Boys have to be strong, but not emotionless...

Things That Men Do, Which Make Us Love Them Even More!!

Men can sometimes do those small things that will steal your heart for sure. Most couples is a serious relationship will totally agree to...

Things That Women Think About 100 Times But Men Just Don’t!

Yes, I know what gender sensitization is all about, but these are facts of our society. Man-vs-woman is the oldest war known to the human...

Why Do Good Guys Fall For Bad Girls?

Wonder Why Do Good Guys Fall For Those Bad Girls aka Bitches? Every time you date a girl, you either feel she’s got this attitude problem...

Ek Geri To Banti Hai: Has The Geri Bug Bitten You Yet

Geri is a bug that bites every youngster in Chandigarh as soon as he or she is able to afford a two-wheeler. So much so...

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