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Afraid Of Getting Rejected? You Needn’t Worry, Help’s Here…

Are you suffering from ‘approach anxiety’ or have the feeling of getting rejected? If yes, then it’s time to let go of all such fears. We understand how it feels when average looking girls don’t get that much social attention and end up being single for longer than they would like. But believe you me, once you learn to manage these fears, you will be able to attract the opposite sex. A man’s first impression of you is based on your appearance, confidence and most importantly your attitude. So try these simple ways by Khurki to get men eating out of your hands:

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

They say smiles are friendly and welcoming. Flash your best beautiful and I guarantee you, the guy is going to feel comfortable saying hello.

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Make eye contact

Nothing is sexier than eye contact. When you are in conversation with him, look into his eyes. But if you are constantly shifty, he is going to think something is wrong with you.

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Take the initiative

Most guys appreciate girls who initiate a discussion. The beauty is that men are just waiting to talk to you about something, anything. The simplest & most natural way is to be comfortable in asking a question and taking the first-mover advantage.

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Dress in your best

When a new guy sees you, all he has to go on is your appearance. His initial attraction to you is what makes him say ‘Hi’ but your sparkling personality is what makes him stay and that personality will come when you look your best.

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Be playful and laugh often

A good sense of humour is an incredibly sexy quality in a woman. You don’t have to necessarily be funny yourself, but you have to be able to laugh at his jokes.

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Radiate positivity

Stay out of your head and just enjoy yourself. Don’t keep thinking about how lame the party is or how you wish you were home. Just live the moment and radiate positivity around.

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Accept your sexuality

Okay remember this, being a sexual person doesn’t make you a slut, it makes you human. If you are attracted to the guy you are talking to and he gives you a playful touch, don’t back away and if he is compliments your smile, it would be absolutely fine to express gratitude with a smiley ‘Thank You’ rather than getting embarrassed.

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Give him a glance or two

Leave some space for a guy to come and talk to you. Sit sideways or towards the crowd while talking to your friends. Glance around periodically and don’t be afraid to give those “approach me” invitations to the guy you find interesting.

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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