Guess Which One Factor Makes Relationships Bloom?


Being in a relationship is the best feeling ever. Doing small things for each other and spending quality time with that one person is just so wonderful. Everything seems right!!

A relationship becomes successful if it is based on mutual trust. So, freedom is essential for true love and relationship to blossom.

Think hard and answer this question: how much freedom do you give to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife? Is your over-possessive nature killing your relation? And if the answer is yes, then it’s time to slow down pals.

Relationships are built on trust, amount of freedom and space shared by the two partners. Some ways you could choose freedom for your partner over being over possessive.

1. Freedom to go out


Every time your movie partner cannot be or rather should not be your special, but your friends also. Allowing your partner to do what he/she likes shows the level of understanding you both share.

2. Freedom to enjoy personal space


In every relationship, space is must. We are not saying create distances, but please do not spy on your partner all the time or keep him/her under a scanner.

3. Freedom to be imperfect


Don’t expect your partner to be perfect because none of us are perfect. Let go off imperfections for a change and give yourselves a chance to laugh over them.

4. Freedom to dress up


Be secure and let your partner wear what she wants. Stop freaking out about each other’s clothes, otherwise relationships go bad due to such insecurities.

5. Freedom of education and employment 


Don’t allow your partner to quit education or job after marriage. If one believes you can be happy to trade your career with a more domestic life and dedicate your time fully for your loved one, then do it.

6. Freedom to be the same

Be what you are

To expect your partner to change is probably too much to ask for. Accept them the way they are. Do not try to change and make him/her a “copy for yours”.


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