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Did You Know Chandra Shekhar Azad Never Shot Himself?

Today the nation is celebrating the 110th birth anniversary of great freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad. Chandra Shekhar Azad, popularly known as Azad, was a...

Why Break-Ups And Divorces Are Becoming So Common?

We live in a highly volatile society. We are easily offended and are easily instigated. Blame it on the amount of “freedom” that we...

Why Is The Indian Youth So Confused?

Well well well! It is a long debate and a point of concern for many, but it is a tight-rope, as the youth of...

Reasons Why I Am Happy Without Boyfriend!

No Boyfriend, No Problem!

This Monday, Spare A Moment And Be Thankful!

Ask those whose live is all about 'have-nots'!

Guess Which One Factor Makes Relationships Bloom?

Being in a relationship is the best feeling ever...

Why Do We Watch Porn? Only To Release Stress!

Let The Freedom Be Explored!

Pee Buddy Helps Girls Pee While Standing! Really?

Ahaan! Wonder when this product will hit India. Much needed...

Check List For A True Indian! Do Share Your Score…

Khurki score: 10/10! Jai Hind!

Shed These Stupid Arguments Against LGBT This 15th Aug!

Free Your Mind, Free Your Soul!

What Is Your Meaning Of Freedom, Woman?

Freedom to express top-most priority!

People You Must Be Grateful To This Independence Day!

A good thought expressed is another good thought generated.

Hugs Are Enough To Prove…Jai Hind

Raise your standards, it's time!

Papa Don’t Preach! Freedom Has To Be Won From Parents!

Go slow can be an important mantra...

What Mothers Secretly Want But Never Tell? Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers are amazing creatures. Motherhood makes their life exhausting, messy and humbling. They put their needs on the backburner and forget all about themselves. All our...

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