It’s Coffee O’Clock! Only A Whiff Is Enough!


Coffee is the only beverage one craves for the first thing in the morning. When you wake up with those red eyes and a hazy vision and a bit of sleep still lingering in your eyes, all you wish for is a steaming cup of coffee. In fact, just a whiff of coffee is enough to shake you up and also give that extra kick one needs to get through the day. Some people make their coffee by using a coffee machine, whereas others may take the time to learn How to Make the Perfect Cappuccino. No matter how you make your coffee in the morning, we all have one thing in common. A passion for coffee!

As well as drinking coffee to give you that all-important morning motivation, some of you may even drink it at regular intervals throughout the day to help you get to the end of it. There are many different types of coffee that you can drink, such as a black coffee or a cappuccino. But have you ever heard of a french press? Or a pour-over coffee? If the answer is no, then why don’t you broaden your horizons and learn more today about all of the different coffee variations that there is so you can wake up and start your day with the perfect drink. What could be better?

1. A magical and comforting treat

What else does this delightful beverage remind you of? Relationships, friends, meetings… You can enjoy a cup of coffee at home or go out with friends. Coffee is a great way to have a conversation and work on your relation or just have fun. If you invite anyone over for a cup of coffee, a refusal is rare. Whether it’s made with one of those sage espresso machines or a cafeti√®re, it’s too good to refuse!
But wait a moment, what if the type of coffee you drink can actually tell you about your personality.

Curious..!! Then read on.

2. Espresso drinker, the life of any party


The espresso lover is someone with a lot of experience. They are charismatic, energetic and the life of any party. Espresso drinkers tend to know how to get what they want and can often be smooth talkers who are just out looking for a good time. Moodiness is their biggest vice.

3. Who prefers black coffee?

Black coffee drinkers are usually the no-nonsense types. They are meticulous, well organized and tend to avoid drama in their personal lives. Black coffee drinkers are straightforward and original. They tend to avoid sugar-coating their words as well. These coffee drinkers are great with money.

4. Latte for the laid-back types

two girls drinking coffee in a caf

Latte drinkers are laid-back types, who love to spend time pondering the meaning of life. However, when it comes to making decisions, latte lovers are often indecisive and would be much happier if they had someone to tell them what to do most of the time. In spite of their indecisiveness, these coffee drinkers know how to maintain a calm demeanour and are extremely supportive in their personal relationships.

5. Bubbly Cappuccino drinker

Coffee beans in the shape of a coffee cup. Stock Photo

Much like a cappuccino, these drinkers are characterized by their frothy and bubbly personalities. They are usually loving and caring, and people are often drawn to their warmth and passion. These coffee drinkers are creative, honest and motivated. They make excellent friends, but only associate with other imaginative spirits.

6. True romantic or flirt Mocha drinker

These coffee drinkers are overly affectionate, compassionate and insightful. Mocha drinkers are true romantics and chronic flirts. However, despite their constant need to be in love, they can have a difficult time committing to relationships and are generally unreliable.

Well, let’s just say coffee is life. So, next time you drink your coffee, don’t forget to relate what personality you are.

Upaali Dhawan
Upaali Dhawan
An optimist person with an appetite for celebrating the good things in life. calm.. composed.. tranquil writer..


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