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Don’t Make These Fashion Blunders On First Date!

You might not be able to predict how your first date will go. But you sure can feel in control, if you dress with care. Try to make a good first impression by picking your clothes and shoes carefully.

And no need to panic, just keep these simple tips in mind:

1. Always choose something that has been freshly washed and ironed


Avoid wearing the jeans that you have been wearing for a week please.

2. Don’t put excessive thought into it

Over Dressing

There is every possibility that you might end up looking like a fool by over thinking it. And if you over do it the first time, you will have to live up to your standard.

3. Less is always better than more

first date outfit

Try and keep it as neutral as possible. Stick to a black skirt and formal blouse if in doubt. If you can carry it off, try a funky lipstick.

4. Don’t be in a hurry to bare it all

Strapless Maxi wearing confident woman

You might a super confident woman, but showing off skin on the first date can work in bad way for you too. All we are saying no harm in looking flashy and sexy, but try not to overdo it. A strapless maxi might just be the thing.

5. Pick the dress according to the plan


If he’s planning a movie date followed by balling, wearing your LBD makes no sense at all. Do your homework and pick according to his plan.

6. Always try to look friendly and warm


False eyelashes and a big hair do might just scare him off in the first date itself. Remember, you are here to date and not take part in a modeling competition. A cowl neck cardigan with a well fitted jeans might be the key to a second date.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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