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After Twitter, Shahrukh Khan Hits 15mn On Facebook!

The King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is second best only to the Big Bachchan. Not only in movies but also on the social media.

With 15 million followers on Facebook, he is celebrating it by giving out some life lessons or say some “Gyaan” in his unique style.

Awarded with the King of Social Media 2015 title, Shahrukh Khan never let his followers down but he proved it again and again that how much he loves to interact with common people. Reaching such a big milestone, he uploaded a video thanking his fans with complementary life lesson tips in Facebook style.

Check it here:

And for all those who weren’t able to understand SRK’s gyaan, here are the first 5 take home points:

1. Do what you LIKE…LIKE what you do….Success will FOLLOW.

2. Be the person everybody wants to be a “FRIEND” of or be prepared to be “Unfriend”ed! Do not use words like SWAG and YOLO!

3. Stick to TIMELINES.

4. Give….Give not until it hurts. Give till it feels good. SHARE Happiness. Share Love.

5. Be good to everyone. Be gracious, be nice. Doesn’t matter what their STATUS is.

This is the first part of the Gyaan, with more to follow. SRK intends to post the part two and three soon.

Indeed!! A very humble way to say thank you to your fans and followers SRK. We wish you to get 100 million followers ‘cos you are a true baadshah of everyone’s heart.

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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