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Teacher And A Guru…What’s The Difference Between The Two?

In the modern world, we all have teachers to teach us lessons of life and textbooks. The sad part is that schools, parents, teachers, students all pay maximum attention to the lessons of textbook. There is no doubt teachers play an important role in our lives, but certainly not like a Guru of ancient days.

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Though every school claims to take care of the overall development of the child, but not even half of them are able to meet their own claims. In the ancient era in India, children were trained and taught by Gurus. But in the modern world, we all have sort of forgotten the importance of a Guru in life. Not that people don’t have gurus these days, but all they do is chant the Guru’s name, attend lectures and collect his/her photographs and get a certificate peace course. This was not the concept of the golden era in India. How different it was, we can explain you with…

The difference between a teacher and a Guru…

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