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Why Do We Need A GURU In Our Life? He Is Infinite And Tangible!

Infinity is available but not tangible. Guru is both infinite and tangible…

Replying to this query a famous Sadhguru said that while going in an unknown terrain, we need a GPS. Similarly, spiritual world is an unknown territory so GURU is like a GPS system to guide us and take us in a sensible direction.

It is indeed a greatest blessing to become a disciple:

GURU is the window…


The Guru brings more joy, more alertness and more awareness in our lives

Our GURU is our garbage collector…


He takes away all our guilt, agitation, anger, sorrow and anguish that we so dearly hold on to and allows us to be peaceful

GURU teaches us to do service or ‘SEVA’


In Seva, there is no ‘I’. Even a tree gives shade and fruit, what are you doing to help the society? Generosity is not an act – it is a state of consciousness, but it always finds its expression in an act

He guides us to unconditional love…


Without a GURU in our life, we would never know what is unconditional love. All of our relations break or mend us, causing us heartache and mental agony, but our relationship with our guru is an eternal one. He accepts us with all our flaws and shortcomings and loves us all the same

Balance between sorrow and happiness


Sorrows diminish in presence of our GURU. Abundance and joy rise!

Handle the judgemental self…


GURU teaches us to be non-judgemental like the nature. The nature never judges us, the sun, the moon, the rain, the snow – they all treat us with equality. They fall on everyone equally without judging whether the person is rich or poor, black or white…

Surrender to the Lord!


GURU teaches us to surrender our problems, our doubts, our egos, to a bigger power, to the divine. HE urges us to let go of grudges and complaints and be childlike…

He holds the torch for us!


GURU enlightens our soul and prepares us for our journey beyond this planet…


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