Relationships have a ship which most likely sinks, and that’s when the complications of relations begin. But that ship is all set to sail, if you are dating a shy guy. A person who is not all comfortable whenever around people. The person who talks less, and listens more.

If you are dating a shy dude, there are certain benefits that you may or may not notice. Imagine the amount of courage he had to gather to share his life. If it is so at the first place you are certainly a very important person in his life. For a shy person, expression of love is a big deal. Behind every shy guy there is an innocent soul which loves more than you could ever imagine. He must have lost so many opportunities because of his shyness, but he never let that happen in your case. He fought it all just to be with you. But there is more to your special relationship.

Respectful to one and all

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Best things about these kind of people is that they will always respect everyone. From his Boss to the peon of office, he will treat them all with respect. And that too without trying, it comes naturally to them and they love it.

Always adorable

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Always, no matter what he does, he will always be adorable to you. Slip of tongue out of nervousness when expressing love is the cutest thing that can ever happen to you.

Perfect listeners

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Majority of boys faces this challenge of listening to women for long. But he will not, he is the one who will listen to every simple thing you would want to share. No interruption and complete attention is a precious treat any man can give to his girl.

He will never brag about things

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A shy guy is always a down to earth person and is never a show off. He will never try to brag about things he owns or achieved. Rather he would be humble about them completely.

He will never try to dominate you

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Again being humble is the way of his life. He will never try to dominate you with arguments or will raise his voice. There will be no male chauvinistic ego you will face in this relationship.

Parents gonna love him

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Respectful, intelligent, simple what else parents would look for in a man for their daughter? He is the perfect guy, you can fearlessly make him meet your parents whenever you want.

You will keep exploring him

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Though he has share his love and life with you. But you will keep exploring about him every now and then. He is just like a technology that keep offering you new surprises every now and then.

Best at advise

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As mentioned above they are a good listeners, they will be best at giving advise for any type of problem or dilemma.

Always remember, dating a shy guy was the best thing ever happened to you.  

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