Amazing! Soothe Your Crying Baby In Seconds With This Trick!

It’s tough when your baby just doesn’t stop crying. You get worried that something is wrong with your child, you might lose your cool, feel your parenting skills aren’t up to mark, or that you will never connect with your baby.

A crying baby is just about the most heart-wrenching sound in the world.


But you can handle it! All you have to do is learn this amazing technique from pediatrician Robert Hamilton (Known as Dr Bob), as he come up with a quick and easy way to stop any baby from crying within seconds.

Don’t believe me?? See this crying baby for yourself…

The trick known as The Hold is very simple. Fold the crying baby’s arms over chest and support their bums with the other hand. Then rock them left or right until they calm down.

Simple Naa?? Told you!!

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