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Here’s The Khurki Review Of Judge Singh LLB!!



The very under promoted movie, Judge Singh LLB, might have taken longer than expected to release but it surely was a pleasure to watch!!


Many might relate it to Jolly LLB or will end up wondering why they ever did come to watch it but I personally had some fun watching this movie. At least I walked out of the hall nodding in agreement to the message it conveyed.


Ravinder Grewal fits in his character extremely well. A Punjabi boy who has somehow managed to complete his LLB but never practiced law thereafter. How he finally achieves his much needed dignity and place in the society is for you to go and watch. Ravinder Grewal, at no point in the movie, tries to act, look or behave like Diljit Dosanjh -which, in itself is applaudable.

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B.N. Sharma, who plays Judge Singh’s father, is at his best in the movie. His character is shown to be caring yet light hearted. When it comes to his beliefs, then he is pretty headstrong about them.


The film also stars Surbhi Mahendru, Harpal Singh, Anita Devagan, Hardeep Gill and Prajesh Kapil. The film has been produced by Sumeet Singh, Ravinder Grewal, Atharv Baluja and is directed by Atharv Baluja.


The overall feel in terms of direction, cinematography, dialogues and make-up is audience friendly. A person doesn’t feel that it was a zabardasti wali movie.


Let me warn you, in case you are assuming this one to be a comedy flick, you better change your mind. This is just not a mushy Punjabi romcom which we are tired of seeing but a murder mystery. How the mystery unfolds and opinions are changed is interesting and unexpected for a viewer.


Overall I’d say this movie is a watchable one..do watch it!!

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