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Most Commonly Broken New Year Resolutions!

We all have our reasons to celebrate the coming year and the worse thing we can do to ourselves is make promises that end up breaking!

Be it whatever…breaking promises done to oneself isn’t a very good idea. Everyone has the habit of motivating oneself with new year resolutions but well let us tell you about such resolutions which end up being badly messed up :

Lose Weight and Get Fit

We all want to stay in shape and make a fitness routine but do we really follow our much needed health regime religiously?

new year resolutions

I know that you wouldn’t agree more with me on this that having outside fast foods is a weakness that we all have. My suggestion – Have pre-set guilt-free food least that keeps you happy over the waiting period.

Quit Smoking

We know that smoking kills but well smokers don’t agree with this statement! Every time you say something like this to a smoker, he simply shrugs his shoulders and says yeah I too wanna quit but… Luckily, there are products like these that make quitting smoking a little easier. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and it’s one of the main reasons why people struggle to stop smoking. Smokers need their nicotine fix!

new year resolutions

Smoking is one habit that needs very strong will power. Don’t keep your smoking products with you. It might be worth learning about e-cigarettes and other vaping related products, since people often find it easier to turn to vaping rather than going cold turkey. It’s all down to personal preference! Sometimes the urge can be controlled if one doesn’t have the thing available so try and avoid buying cigarettes and lighters. Take help from the quitting gums and other available sources, like premium UK e juice and vapes for instance. Other methods to quit smoking would be to try a non-smoking solution that doesn’t do the same repetitive pattern as smoking cigarettes, in this case, you could try mint snus pouches to slowly relieve you of your symptoms. Trust me, you will do yourself a favor by quitting this habit.

Learn Something New

This one is the prime motive of each one of our lives. We all want to learn and do something different every day.

new year resolutions

Trying new things is fun but can get really depressing in case you fail to figure out how they are to be done.My word – Go for it no matter how many times you fail,ultimately you will learn something new,be it whatever!

Get Out of Debt and Save Money

new year resolutions

We love spending money on our needs and sometimes even on the things we fancy. In the end when we are broke, tragedy strikes! Asking others for money can sometimes turn really embarrassing so save yourself from the embarrassment, start saving today!

Spend More Time with Family

We know that you love your family and want to spend most of your time with them but…

new year resolutions

Priorities matter! If you think you don’t have enough time then learn time management. Prioritizing certain relationships especially one’s family is definitely the best thing one can do for oneself.

Travel to New Places

new year resolutions

It is always said that people who gather experiences are wealthier souls than those who gather riches! Traveling to different parts of the world is a way of exploring one’s own self. You meet new people and see new things but in the end, you are simply on a route to discovering your true self.

Be Less Stressed

new year resolutions

We humans have a tendency of thinking about certain situations even before they happen.Taking unwanted stress is a bad idea in terms of health and wisdom.Stop fretting – take charge of your life!


new year resolutions

Sometimes giving back a little to those in need is a good thing.It heals one’s soul.Try volunteering for an NGO in your free time.

Drink Less

new year resolutions

This is the most commonly broken new year resolution! Drinking less is also helpful in losing weight. Have a stronger will power to say no to excessive drinking.

These new year resolutions are the most easily broken ones but what matters is that atleast one tries to start something new!

Happy New Year fellas!


Team Khurki
Team Khurki
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