Best Trips You Can Take On Under 5000 bucks In India, Pack Your Bags!

Life is a book, but those who don’t travel, they only read one page. From a 9 to 5 life at times we need a 24X7 break. The love for travel in India is increasing day by day. More youngsters want to travel and explore more. India is high up on the list for many of these youngsters, with attractions like the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple bringing in tourists every day. These attractions, as well as many other experiences, can be seen through a tour guide and with a guide, you can maximize your experience. For example, India Tours offers a fun and friendly trip for all the family. The travel bug is the runner up in India after the anopheles. But thanks to the virus it gives, its doing a lot of good to many lives. But at times when we have a show string budget we tend to leave the plans to remain a plan. But no more waiting for travel anymore, be a smart traveler check out these best trips under Rs 5000.


13. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

The place is a urban cum rural fun at the same time. The ambience is like Goa as you see a lot of firangs here too, plus the reason people are here for. Just like Goa, people travel all the way to Kasol to party. With hippie style bars and cafe and people with joints and dreadlocks is a common sighting here. All it takes is Rs 800 one way bus ticket from Delhi. This place is definitely worth your time.

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