What Five Things To Avoid To Avoid Mood Swings?


There are plenty of researches which prove the connection between food and mood swings. Gorging on the wrong menu can make you feel depressed. We don’t realize what we eat on daily basis can create havoc to our mental system. It’s important to know that the food we eat directly influences our brain chemistry. To live healthy it’s necessary to cut short on such items and not dangle between mood swings. Here are the top mood offenders:

Carbonated drinks


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These soda drinks can boost your mood in seconds because of its higher content of refined sugar which gets absorbed by your bloodstream very quickly. It is actually very toxic and leads to mood swing when the sugar level comes down.



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Most of us think that having a cup or two of coffee is good for concentration and it provides energy, but overdose of caffeine can wreak havoc. Tea and coffee can alter our moods immensely; high amount of caffeine produces the stress hormone cortisol. Eventually, the spike crashes and we feel exhausted.

Baked goods


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The notion of grabbing a donut, muffin or cookie for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack seem to be very tempting and hunger comforting. In reality, they have no nutritional value and they only spike the blood sugar level. By consuming these goodies, you will be left unfocused, lethargic and you will also gain weight.

Salted peanuts


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Surely, it’s hard to fight back the craving to have a handful of salted peanuts at the pub or while watching TV. Despite its protein content, researchers have found that most peanuts you buy at the local store contains high amount of artificial food flavouring and sodium which leaves you feeling fatigued, lethargic and moody.

Potato chips


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The urge to munch on something when you feel hungry is well satisfied with a pack of potato chips. But do you know the oil used to fry these chips contains high amount of saturated fats. These oils are very unhealthy. They degenerate brain activity and promote emotional and mental instability.

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