STOP, 9 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Multitasking Right Now!

Admit it, we all do it! I am talking about multitasking – a quality we all feel proud of. We all text while walking, send emails or chat during meetings, check our social accounts while cooking or having meals. In our busy lives, we get tempted to do too many things at once. But the truth is, you’re not doing any favour to yourself or your boss or your family and friends. Instead, you are harming your health and productivity too. Here are a few reasons why you should go easy on it:


8. It actually wastes time

Multitasking will not save your time. It just slows you down. Imagine if a driver is fiddling with the radio continuously, it will take him longer to reach the destination. In the same way, if you get distracted repeatedly while doing an important stuff, it will eat up more time.

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Manisha Jessani
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