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Don’t Be Like Ranbir In ADHM, This Is How You Should Kiss A Girl!



I know people, now you will say boys don’t need any tips to kiss their love interest. They are pretty smart…. but wait bhai log baakion ka bhi toh sochna padega na?  For those low on courage or a la Ranbir Kapoor in his latest movie Ae Dil Hai Mushqil already know that they have to make the perfect start while making the move and are afraid of losing their girl. Don’t worry, we will help you do that. Khurki has collected some ideas to help you gain the necessary courage to kiss a girl you are drawn towards.

No need to fear

Maybe you feel like you are doing something wrong by making the move. Maybe you are worried about getting rejected or you just don’t want to come across as a despo, but my friend it’s all in mind. One has to make a move no? Nothing to be ashamed of.

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It’s healthy to share your ‘want’

You need to accept that it’s good to want sex with the woman you like. You have to understand that it’s healthy and you know what, women want it too. Sometimes, even more than you. Talk about love making, sex, share stories because that’s the surefire way to know if she’s interested.

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Don’t wait for the green signal

Many men believe they need a green light from the woman to kiss her. Unfortunately, you are not usually going to get those clear signs. So you can’t rely on receiving them in order to decide to make a move. Instead, start with compliments, playful tease, gentle touching or with intimate questions.

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Get turned on by hern

Here, your imagination plays an important role. Bring out the lust that’s within you. Think about the moment when you are stripping off your girl’s clothes before sex or that rush of sexual energy when you are watching a porn. You have to start looking at the woman you are in love with through those same eyes. Only then would you get to kiss a girl.

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Let desire motivate you

Desire should be for the both of you. So many guys think about sex only for themselves. Instead, let that desire motivate you to have hot, powerful intimate scenes that both of you enjoy. Even if it’s about a kiss, let your emotions show and she would just love it.

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Just be yourself and entertain her

Just be yourself. Don’t try to over do things. Take her for a movie (romantic one), then dinner (her favourite place) and while dropping her by her doorstep, give her a sweet kiss.

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Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!

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