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Reasons Why Guys These Days Want To Date Women Instead Of Girls!

When it comes to dating, guys don’t have many choices. Or may be they tend not to make many, but things have now changed. Don’t know when this age-old fetish of young guys and elder women began. But certainly it is not mere a fetish anymore, it has turned into a reality for many. Guys these days do look forward to date women instead of a girl. And that’s not for one or two reasons but many.

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Dating a lady can altogether be a different experience for the guy. Also for the woman, a young guy can definitely be a spice for life. And no here it’s not about adultery, but two singles deciding not to be single anymore. So for those who are in a dilemma of such a situation, you have landed on the right page. Here, we listed out the reasons why guys these days prefer a woman over a girl.

Maturity over immaturity


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And that’s one major reason to date a women. No wonders it is on the top. With age comes maturity and that’s what guys look forward to these days. Who would want non-stop chitter-chatter over classy and meaningful talks.

Women are more direct


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They would not want to play dumb charades of problems with you. If they want or don’t want something they will talk about it.

Experienced in game called LIFE


Image Source The Financial Express

As they are open to talk about stuff, it’s not just like that only. They have seen relationships and understand issues. Hence they know the do’s and don’ts. And that’s what we call experience in life. (Obviously one of a kind).

You can talk more sense with them


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With experience comes knowledge and that’s how they talk much more sense. They would definitely be much more sensible than that girl next door super excited for a selfie.

They are not a responsibility

Date Women

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A woman is always self sufficient. She is independent in life. You don’t have to pick and drop them. And trust me, they are not even emotionally dependent on you or anybody else for that matter.

They don’t have commitment issues

Date Women

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Nope they certainly don’t. And by commitment issues, we mean they won’t pressurize you for commitments. They have seen so much in life that they simply won’t do such a meaningless thing. A woman understands that you simply ‘let go’ and if it comes back it’s for the best. You don’t get bound in commitment chains.

They are not possessive

Date Women

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Just like they understand love is about letting go, they understand the meaning and importance of space. They will NOT keep your number on speed dial to keep on calling you every other hour. And many other forms of possessive torture which girls have the tendency to do.

Physical intimacy

Date Women

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Oops, my ignorance to put this at the end of the list. But hey you get the sweetest thing at the end of the meal, right? A woman with experience and a young dude with energy and passion certainly makes a great pair. The amount of heat these two can create, certainly can make knees go weak.

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