Being single is awesome but only till you are surrounded by a couple and this couple turns out to be an annoying couple. We all should think what others think about us, not always but sometimes. After all we are nothing but social animals, so we need to take care of the society as well.

Life is not a Karan Johar film, neither are you Rahul-Anjali duo that the entire frigging college would care about you. So welcome to the real world, where no one gives a shit about your better half-full-quarter-or whatever. So if you want to be a good couple, someone who’s acceptable and bearable, follow Khurki’s advice on what not to do…

Shifting from ‘I’ to ‘We’

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Talking to you becomes tough, as you becomes “you two”. No matter what the topic is about, it’s not just your opinion but to be considered as the opinion of you both. And you know what? That’s no news, but keep broadcasting it with your ‘we’ every time.

E.g. We like to eat at McDonalds, we think Jenny is not a nice girl, we think Trump is the best president ever! You should also say We are annoying!


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Okay, now your love is yours, not a public show, which you need to immediately understand. When you are hanging out with a group of friends, it is seriously irritating. Love is great but to need to look around, it might be making somebody feel like a third wheel.

You keep talking about your relation’shit’

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Yup we all know you are in a relationship but that is not the only thing happening in the world. No matter what the topic is, you will take the topic into deep shitty stuff. And that deep shitty stuff is your relationship. Snap Out Of It!

You tend to ignore your friends

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Yes you love each other, may be being together gives you the best of the feelings. But there are other people who also need, deserve and love you. And people are called friends & family. They say love is blind for a reason.

And these are not the only reasons, there are many other annoying ask people around!

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