When it comes to love, image of some other person comes to your mind. And that is what is wrong with everybody these days. In the name of love we have no time for ourselves. For the sake of love, people are all ready & take pride in hurting themselves. Not realising the biggest gift of the almighty to us is US. Our thoughts, body, soul et al this all is given to us for some larger than life purpose. At least not to hurt it for the love of someone. High time we should give some priority to ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong in loving some other person, but at the cost of self love is nothing but foolishness. To understand the true meaning of self love must be a prerequisite. So when life gives you lemons, make a mojito for yourself. Because in life, you should be your first priority.

Self love will bring you love

Whenever you practice the art of self love, you attract love to yourself. A person like you would be an inspiration for others. Always remember, there is huge difference between self love and in being self obsessed. Don’t be annoying to others!


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Good for health

If you start loving yourself, you start taking care of yourself. You might end up doing yoga, may be gym. And if not that, you might start taking care of your eating & drinking habits. Also, you might take innovative measures to style yourself better.


Best for mental peace

You will start developing peace of mind for yourself. Having the right attitude towards life, you have a relaxed mental state. Stress and anxiety no longer bother you. Life is too busy taking care of self.


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Others’ opinions holds less value

Now here it is all about negative opinions about you. If you only think what people think about you, what will people think?  Let others do what they do, your job is to give a damn to negativity.


You are your best friend

What’s better than being in the company of someone who is as awesome as you are. Being in your own company makes you understand yourself better. Hence, you will be your best friend and guide.

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Self esteem

Self love gives birth to self esteem. Realizing that you are your top priority gives you a sense of responsibility towards self. And that attitude brings you much more pride in yourself than anything else.

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Get over past & people

Indeed, this is the best way to get over past & people. The day you fall in love with the most amazing person on this planet i.e. you. That would be the day you will realise that how stupid it was to hold on to past.


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