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ABCD-2 Bezubaan Phir Se: Varun, Shraddha Leave Masters Speechless

Well, the most-awaited film for dance enthusiasts ABCD-2 is set to hit the theatres soon.

“Bezuban Phir Se” from ABCD-2 is the song making headlines not for its music but Varun Dhawan’s muscular looks and Shraddha Kapoor’s dancing form. If sources are to be believed, both the star kiddos have practiced day and night to perfect their dancing skills.

Sharing the dance stage with champions of the dance and the masters from TV reality show ‘DID’ made them both realize what real dance is. The prequel of the film was said to be missing the star factor from the film, but this time the makers consciously took Varun and Shradha on board.

Anyway you guys checkout the music video of the song ‘Bezuban Phir Se’ from the movie ABCD-2.


Prachi Sehgal
Prachi Sehgal
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