9 Great Apps That All Students Must Have in Their Gadgets


There was a time when phone was considered a distraction for students and now we are in the times when education is impossible without phones! Technology keeps improving and more and more things have started to rely on technology. This technology also gives us the access to some amazing helpful apps which a student can use to make his everyday life easy!

KHURKI puts together 10 must-have Apps for every student wanting to keep up with this NEW ERA of education!!

PDF Reader – Teachers or students, everyone needs this app!

This app is a perfect assistance for students. Students can view PDF as slideshow in the classroom presentation and with incredible tools for adding comments, online document filing, electronic signature input and the newest OCR technology, it’s one App you don’t want to miss! It is available for both iOS and Android users.


There are times when we end up in sticky situations and this App is made specifically for those times! Age no consideration for this App, as extra precaution ain’t costing money!

As its name sys, UrSafe is designed to be used for ensuring you are safe. The App is loaded with all kinds of great features, like allowing your FnF to follow you on a map or sending an SOS signal to your designated contacts. Many other Apps can do all of these, but what makes this App different is that it can send live video and audio to the assigned friends or family to monitor unsafe or uncomfortable situations. Caution: Keep it hidden from parents if you don’t want to be spied on!

QANDA – Most helpful for students who have maths!

If you’re going to encounter numbers at any point in your degree, you should seriously think about downloading Qanda – one of the best Apps for students who believe in numbers!

Just click your camera button and upload your question and you’ll find detailed solutions and explanations to your mathematical problems. Available for Android and iOS users.

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Do you also recheck your emails and messages before sending them to your Professors? Grammarly is your Siri when it comes to writing texts, essays! It’s your personal writing assistant! This App works like a charm when it comes to checking your spellings, suggesting you synonyms and correcting your grammar, including punctuations.

Available for Android and iOS users.


One App which not only students but everyone needs! Just start talking into Dragon Dictation and it’ll convert everything for you digitally, which you can paste into other Apps, sent as an email, message, or saved for later. Disappointment for all the Android users out there, this App is only on iOS.


Oxford Dictionary – students can shift from books to App!

Weak at Scrabble? I am! Jokes apart for learning new words and improving your vocabulary this App is a must! The mobile version of the Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary. No matter what time or wherever you are, just the press of a button and you have all the words in life!



Education system these days offer many options to study more than one language and for you to master the language of your interest, this App can be a real help! It is often said that the best way to learn a language is by using it with native speakers, and this App delivers the ultimate language exchange! HelloTalk allows you to learn a language while exploring new cultures and making new friends around the world. This App will have you speaking like a local in no time!!!

Available for Android and iOS users.



Notion is a software that helps with scheduling tasks, managing files, setting reminders, and creating agenda to organize your life. You can declutter all your deadlines and worries into the App and become organized with Notion.

Available for Android and iOS users.



Suggest this App to that one friend we all have who owes us money but fails to return!

Splitwise is one of the top Apps for students because it takes the awkwardness out of paying friends back for shared costs. Simply log each expense in the App and when you’re ready to settle up, you’ll see exactly how much everyone owes! This App is perfect for group trips, making it easy to share the costs between housemates, friends, and even family.

Available for both Android and iOS users.


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