Indian Ways Of Winning Over Girls That Are Absolute Failures!

Winning over girls was never an easy task for Indian men. They try hard but end up being rejected. And before your brain starts screaming “Aise thodi hota hai“, there are reasons for us being such losers. Yes, most of us are big time losers, & that is not a generalized statement. Not every Indian guy sucks at winning over girls. But most of us do screw our chance. Our films threw at us such tricks that made us lose at wooing girls. The best idea of a Bollywood film was to send nakli gunday, then you beat the sh*t out of them and boom the girl is yours. The very next scene would be both singing and dancing in mountains or public parks. So we have prepared our list what NOT TO use for winning over your love interest.

How we boys suck at this…

2. Hitting on her and her friends

The problem with India is for one girl there are at least 4 guys. So they are so desperate to get a girl that they end up hitting on every girl. For instance when you find the girl you are hitting on has hotter friend, you might think that if not her why not her friend.