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You Are A Super Powerful Magnet! Try Using Your Intuition


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I’m sure many of us are wandering everyday in search of ‘Ultimate Inner Peace’. For all our problems, either we call our Panditji or start a chaliya or get into one or the other, as I may call it dhongs.

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Running around looking for the nearest behta paani or reading a certain segment of hymns repeatedly for so and so number of days in a specified pose facing a certain direction or going for a jhaada to religious gurus…the list is endless.


Ever thought – What’s the point of all this?? Whom are we trying to fool?? What exactly are we looking for in these practices??

I know of people who call up their panditji after a week of the havan saying ‘panditji kuch hua to hai nee, aapne to kaha tha ho jaega?’…and end up getting an answer ‘sabr karo, ho jaega’…

Ultimately what happens – ‘Aevaee maarte hain…Panditji ki bhavishyavani bekar hai..koi aur try karte hain!!’


If we analyse the situation, ultimately the person who is going to make things happen – is ‘ YOU’.


What happens when you don’t get the desired result, you lose hope or work harder. In both the cases, you are making a way forward to something new in your life – something that you can’t predict and if you do try to predict something without thinking about its pros and cons, it might just happen.

Yes, that’s true. You are the reason for all that happens to you. It’s all your outlook and perception to the happenings in your life that make it bearable or depressing.


Major brands, these days, are shouting out the word ‘Organic’. They want people to go the organic way – eat organic food, wear organic clothes and so on. So that means that organic is the best way to live but what exactly is organic? In my simplest understanding, organic means something that is purely natural and has all the components in it – the way Mother Earth has inculcated.


We, humans, are one such beautiful treasure who possess the untouched earthy elements. We, by default, are the most organic creatures, by birth. Everyone has heard of the panch dhaatu – the five elements that combine to make a human body – earth, fire, water, air and space. The fifth element space describes that which is beyond the material world.

So this is something that we all have heard in various yoga camps and meditation centres, but have we ever got onto finding the deepest secret of these fundas?



It’s simple – Love yourself for who you are and what you do. There is enough happiness in your own body to give you peace and harmony and once that is achieved, nothing can stop you from attaining the Ultimate happiness.

It might sound as if I’ve just read ‘The Secret’  but trust me there’s no harm in reading stuff that makes you feel positive about life. Sometimes, you just need to understand that no matter what you read, as long as it makes you feel good, it’s worth your time, even if it’s an Archie’s comic..!!


Life is unpredictable and we all have heard it a million times. Yeah yeah, we know the “live life as if there’s no tomorrow” kinda thing too, so what’s new about it..?


Stay in this moment and think other way now. Let’s take an example – you are an awesome swimmer and can swim your way into the deepest seas without the fear of drowning. Feels good eh..but what happens when tsunami strikes?Does your swimming skill save you from the gushing water? Do you still think you have control over the waves by a breast stroke or a back stroke?


How about you being the richest person on Earth with the most beautiful house and all the worldly luxuries at your disposal…satin bedsheets, cozy sofas, big dining halls and all that you could think of…haaaaaah whatta dream…you really wish it comes true because that’s the limit of your imagination…now think that one fine day while dining with the who’s who of the country in your huge dining hall, earthquake strikes..!!!

The floors start cracking and The Earth starts tearing apart. What would be the scenario then? Would you not live just because you have all the riches in the world? Does your financial value make a difference? Would you not die just because you are the richest person on Earth?


This is a face-off for all those who think materialistic possessions are the supreme reasons for happiness. Earth is a kind planet and therefore is tolerating everything that humans are up to, for now. But when she doesn’t like certain stuff or if you challenge her by anyways, she can finish you with the blink of an eye…and that’s when disaster strikes. Humans are control freaks.They think they can rule but ultimately everything is ruled by nature.

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The best we can do is stay close to nature. Talk to nature. You might be looked at differently, people would call you crazy but the inner sense of joy you will attain will fade off the reactions by the commentators. Yoga, meditation and all such therapies have one crux – radiate with life, emit positive energy and build a connection with mother Earth. Humans too have a center point, similar to Earth…try connecting them both and harmony shall automatically start flowing in your life and in the world you live in..!!


Stay blessed..

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