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Women Crazier About Apple Watch…Survey Reiterates


Rachit Bhargav
An extrovert with extra craving for travelling the world and exploring new places and technology is his first love first wife and again 'extra' marital.

Women Crazier about Apple watch than men!

When the Apple Watch was first announced last September, 74% of women said they liked the watch while just 56% of men had the same sentiment.

A study by California-based data mining company CrowdFlower analysed more than 30,000 tweets since the launch of the Apple Watch on April 24 and found the split down gender lines.

Women were far more positive about the Watch before the launch and continue to be so now, the study said.

The study found 64 per cent of women tweeted positive feelings about the Apple Watch compared with 53 per cent of men, Time reported.

The majority of positive tweets about the Apple Watch concerned the use of apps on the Watch while the biggest complaint in negative tweets about the Watch were about the slow delivery for orders, the study found.

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