Training Indian youth for a better tomorrow is our motto at MAL!


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There are infinite initiatives which can be taken in order to improve the environment in a company. A place where an employee spend 8 hours almost on regular basis is not like a second home, but their first home.

At Modern Automotives Limited, we strongly believe in getting the best out of an employee by giving him the best workplace. Team MAL takes it as its responsibility to ensure that the youth is taken on its journey towards success. And in this, our Skill Development Programs are a small effort that make a big difference to the lives of many youngsters.

Books, Theorems, Notes are very important but should not be the only source of learning. Such training programs are of great significance for holistic development, practical knowledge, industry relevant skills and a better workforce for tomorrow.

Team MAL takes such initiatives at all India level which enable a huge number of youngsters gain industry level skills. It benefits them in various ways and in the long run, it is a process of creating a skilled workforce for the country.

Better Understanding of Industry

The best part for the youth here is that our training programs shows them a crystal clear picture of the industry. Not only that, they also get a deep understanding of the needs & requirements of the Industry.

Improve Skills

Well, that’s exactly the purpose of the training program and that’s what it serves the best. It certainly improves the skill set of students who undergo the training program. As it gives them exposure to the practical world of the industry, it enhances their overall skill set.

Interactive Process

The training program is a two-way system, unlike a classroom and more like work place. Students have the liberty to interact with their coaches and are in fact encouraged to do so. Further, interactive experiments, activities, exercises help make them industry ready.

Motivates Team Work

Such programs prove to be great when it comes to instilling team work among the students. When you learn together, it creates a bond among all and it is of paramount importance that the future employees understand the importance of team work at the onset of their bright careers.

Future Ready

Talking of future and here you are, such training programs are futuristic in nature. Keeping the future of students in mind as well as the technological developments of times to come. Giving them training with a perspective of making them holistically qualified and industry ready is not just an effort for a single company but generations to come.

There are many more ways in which students get benefited through these training programs. They learn not only technical skills but also take home the morals of MAL. They take home ethics which have made us stand tall in the market. They also associate with the pride which every employee of Modern Automotives Limited shares. 

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