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Top 5 Popular Cycling Routes In India To Check Out This Summer!

The GenX is discovering the benefits of cycling and getting hooked onto the sport. And if you are looking for routes, India has plenty to offer.

Almost every state has a scenic route, which you can take, next time you want to go out cycling. So grab your backpack, your cycle and get ready to go.

1. From Manali to Leh

Cycling Routes In India

We start the list with a tough one. If the Himalayas are your calling, then this is the route for you.  You will enjoy every second of it. Plan a trip in the summers.

2. From Pune to Panshet Dam

Cycling Routes In India

You will cross the Sinhagarh fort and get the most beautiful view of the Muthariver on the way. View of the rolling hills will make the adventure most memorable.

3. In the Nilgiris

Cycling Routes In India

The Nilgiri hills are very popular amongst cyclists. Where else in the world will you get a chance to cycle through tea gardens and breathtaking views. Cycling from Mysore to Ooty is a popular route.

4. The mesmerizing Kerala backwaters

Cycling Routes In India

You don’t need a houseboat to enjoy Kerala. You can do it on a cycle too.  The palm trees and the fishing villages will take your breath away.

5. With the royalty in Rajasthan

Cycling Routes In India

Surprisingly, even Rajasthan has a wider array of cycling routes to offer. Pick a national reserve of your choice and start cycling.

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