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Khurki Finds 10 Things You Will Know About After Your Death!

Life is beautiful they said. But, about death nobody talked much. The reason could be that those who experienced it were never able to share that. We all see death as a curse, but that it isn’t for those who lead it the God’s way.

We don’t claim that we have discovered the ‘life-after-death’ realities for our readers, but here are some possibilities, you might experience after death.

Khurki felt excited about death, after reading these points find out what you will feel…

Who was a true friend & who was not


What was your aim in this life?


Were you on the right path of your aim!

If your faith and beliefs were all true


All the big secrets of the world


You will exactly see what all happened in history


You will know all about the famous unsolved crimes

talwar case

You might be able to evaluate your karma!


You will know the ultimate truth…


You will finally know what God really wants from us!

GoD Wants

Disclaimer: Based on personal views, they are no researched or absolute facts. So read, enjoy, share and forget.

Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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