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Things Men Do That Upset A Woman!

Want to know why your other half or your girlfriend is giving you a silent treatment? Why is she upset with you? Allow Khurki to give you some things that can upset a woman, so that you guys can change one of the most confusing experiences in a man’s love life.

A Lie

The basic point with which you can get a girl upset. If you truly love your partner, then STOP hurting her and nothing hurts anyone more than lies.

When you not clear her doubts

You cannot be blamed entirely for this, but it’s a girl’s nature to doubt. So, even if you are honest and don’t want to clarify her doubts. She will either get mad or end-up being sad ;-(

Ignoring Her

If you didn’t text her, didn’t talk to her or ignored her…trust me she will either be mad at you or very upset. So make sure you text a girl before she does, reply her asap if she texted you, wish her every day first and make her happy when she is sad and happier when she is happy. Uff! See this is not an easy task guys 😉

Talking Too Much

When you talk too much to your girl, there is every chance you might accidentally give out some inappropriate information. This might get you into trouble and also make your bae hyper or sad.

Being Overly Emotional

Becoming too emotional can be extremely dangerous and possibly deadly for your  relationship. Don’t be a highly sensitive guy, just be loveable and it will bring your bae closer to you.

Not Showing Emotions At All

Being too practical also doesn’t go well with girls. A poor sow of emotions might be construed as harsh and she will leave you because she might think that you are egoistic and have no heart feelings just p**is feelings.

Over Drinking

Your habit of alcoholism actually makes a girl miserable and can impact your relationship.

Doing household stuff the wrong way

You have tried your best helping your girl with laundry or dishes but things didn’t work out well. In fact, you ended up screwing up everything for your girl and she had to clean up the mess you created. How can you even expect her to be happy 😉

When men don’t listen

Yeah! When men don’t listen to their partners and are busy in their own world, it can be really annoying. I think it’s their nature.

Guys Scratching Themselves In Public

I know this is one thing that annoys me as well. We all itch, but men can at least try to make it a little more discreet? How many times do you see a guy just reaching down there and scratching? Why do they do this? Oh yeah, it’s a guy thing, I forgot!

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
Pure Punjabi blood, with a sarcastic Indian within me, brings the 'Khurki’ in me alive...No pun intended!


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