When In Bhutan, Try To Be Different!


When somebody mentions Bhutan, in your mind you instantly think of a mysterious land, with smiling Lamas, beautiful monasteries, high mountains and clear running streams. But we urge you not to do the usual stuff when you go to Bhutan this year. Try to be different, listen to you heart, instead of the travel guide this time, or just follow our tips. The beautiful prayer flags beckon you to take a break in this happy nation this year.


5. Do not come back without seeing the Mount Everest

We are not asking you to climb it, but you sure cannot miss glancing at the Daddy of all mountains in the world. If you manage a seat on the left side of the aircraft, then you will be able to see it even before the plane lands. And that’s not all. You get the bonus of seeing Mount Kanchenjunga, too, from the flight.



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