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For Some Terrible Reasons To Get Married, Read On…


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Are you single and still looking for enough reasons to lose your single status? And everybody around you seems to be getting married to someone or the other. So if love is not the reason enough, we give you other terrible reasons to get married. If you are having cold feet, then you must read on and start your preparation to walk down the aisle. Who said marriage is about finding the ‘one’ for you, it is about a host of other reasons…

You get to have a dream wedding

You might not have found your true love, but you can still have a glamorous wedding. The hype, the attention, will make you feel like a queen. You might not be ready for the wedding, but you can surely enjoy a dream wedding.

Image Source
Image Source

You get amazing wedding gifts

Go ahead and get wedded to please you parents, dog or neighbors. And as an incentive you get a room full of gifts. You will never be able to buy so many gifts for yourself in one go. Love the incentives, they are free!

Image Source
Image Source

Better than dying lonely

You will have to choose between dying alone, or sharing your bathroom with another human being. We say go ahead and take the plunge, there is no harm in trying. Don’t let go the chance of having somebody in your life , he or she might not be perfect, but they will still be around for a long time.

Image Source
Image Source

Takes off the pressure

You have been handling pressure to get married for the last decade or so. Right from your maid, to your parents to your aunts have been hounding you to get married. Even your boy friend has told you to either get married or he starts walking. Cut the pressure and just get married.

Image Source
Image Source

Join the rest of the gang

If all your friends have got married, or are on the verge of getting married, then do you really want to be the dark sheep in the crowd? Avoid being called the one who got hitched last in the crowd. The choice is yours.

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