OMG! Father-Daughter Bond Couldn’t Be Depicted More Beautifully!

A bond between a father and his daughter is of true never-ending love. A girl’s first love, super hero, guide, protector and what not. No matter how, but a father always takes care of his daughter’s needs and desires.

Every girl finds her prince one day, but her father always remains her KING! For every daughter, father is that one figure she always look up to in life. In the present modern world it is believed, behind every independent woman, there’s a father who trusted her and not the society.

And for a father, his daughter is not a very important part of his life, but his life. Especially in India, where a little girl compromises with anything or everything for the sake of her father. And a father who will set all his life and assets and emotions at stake for the sake of his daughter’s happiness. This amazing artist Snezhana Soosh celebrates this beautiful bond of love in her illustrations.


7. A shoulder ride with daddy, was better than any amusement park!