Tell Your Mommy About These Life Hacks

life hacks

Being a mother is a tough job but when your kids know it all, it gets really nice and pleasant.

Tried teaching your mom something? If you are lucky then you won’t end up hearing ‘Zyada dimag na la, mainu already pata hai ok..!!‘ and if you just heard it then you better go to your room right NOW..!!

There are many day to day things that can help your mom become a super mom…just like a little masala can do wonders in the dish’s taste, here’s what these life hacks can do for you..

If your kids love colouring then here’s a way in which their old scuffed shoes can look like new and their love for colouring can also get a good direction.

Your favourite bellies can be kept dust free and together by placing them in a shower cap..!!

In case there’s a baby in the house then washing his clothes, especially socks in the washing machine is problematic. You can actually get them together, place them in a laundry bag and throw it in the washing machine for hassle-free clean clothes. If you don’t have a washing machine, you might want to get one since it will make your life much easier. Check out the most sought-after washing machines in India to see some of the best models on the market. As well as looking for a washing machine, it may be worth your while to look at some laundry tips for financial and time management gain. This will help you use your washing machine efficiently and effectively. You can click here to read through these laundry tips that may be of great benefit to you and your home life.


The under sink mess can be easily sorted by changing the way they are placed in the cleaning area. Use an over-the-door shoe holder/organizer in your cleaning room or at most convenient spot. Your sprays and liquids will be at eye level instead of in hard-to-reach spots.


Don’t let your boiling dish overflow while running after other tasks..simply place a wooden spatula on top of the boiling pan.

So now that you have told her so many’s what you should be doing next – Share this post and make other moms happy..!!


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