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Are You A Vegetarian? Only On Tuesday & Thursday!

If you thought there were just two categories – vegetarians and non-vegetarians – think again! People who are selectively vegetarians and occasionally non-vegetarians also exist.

But before digging into them thoroughly, let’s see why you shouldn’t eat non-veg on certain days. Ever given a thought into this WHY part!!?! Well, but of course the days are dedicated to Gods. That’s something we all know. How about something practical?

A theory is that this is the result of people wanting to practice self control. What better way to declare certain days as days of God and no non-veg would be eaten that day? Then, lack of exercise – the medieval caste system of India was based upon the occupation of a person. Therefore, the people from a particular caste doing more physical labour were allowed to eat meat.

Now, our very own not-so-vegetarian people…

1. Curry Divers


These are the kind of people who won’t eat non-vegetarian food, but will have its curry. Lol!

2. Tuesday and Thursday Waale


These people won’t eat non-veg on Tuesdays and Thursdays because some divine power will punish them.

3. Eggitarians


Now, this breed will just have eggs when it comes to non-veg. Seriously?? Eggs are non-veg??

4. Non-Veg Party People


These people will have non-veg only when they are at a party. Ghar pe mummy daantati hai na!!

5. Diet Non-Vegetarians


These people will only eat non-veg when instructed by their gym trainer.

6. Confusitarians


These people are very confused. They go fishing for non-veg at times and they are vegetarians for the rest of the year.

 7. Feelingwaale


These are the ones who will have non-veg only in cakes or chocolates. It’s like going to your college DJ night and feeling as if you are in TOMORROW LAND.

Upaali Dhawan
Upaali Dhawan
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