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This Christmas Video Will Make Your Eyes Open Wide !

Merry Christmas, in advance!!

Pooping While Twerking? Learn From Her! Damn!

Things Not To Be Done!

14 Hilarious Things People Do In Delhi Metro!

Keep Your Camera Ready The Next Time!!

Children Can Pray For The Most Hilarious Things!

Awww little sweethearts !!

Did You Just Fail A Semester? Your Life’s Finished!

Result aane waala hai..!!

This Pakistani Ad is ‘Wheel’y Funny..!!

Quite Impressive...Must Watch!

Wild Wedding Dances That Will Make Your Tummy Hurt!

Khurki just loved the old granny dancing...

When Reporters Fall At Work, It’s Nothing But Fun!

Let out your wicked side...

18 Places Where You Must Poop Before You Die

From personal washroom to.....

What’s With People In Russia? They Love Weird Stuff!

Smelling jet fuel, jumping from skyscrapers and bears walking on the roads, eeww!

Baby Sees Parent’s Twin For The First Time

My heart melted at the scene!

This Mother-Son Argument Is The Cutest Thing Ever

So cute...now that's an argument!

KRK Reveals Indrani’s Secrets, Completely Fascinating!

Does KRK qualify to be a Khurki?

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