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Seven Valuable Lessons To Learn From Funny-Faced Mr Bean…


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Tony Thomas
Tony Thomas
Live to learn and learning has no end. That’s what I believe and each day we have numerous opportunities to correct our mistakes and bring out the best in us.

Mr Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean has not only been entertaining us for many years now, but also teaching life’s valuable lessons. But, only if we watched his antics closely. Here are a few key elements, KHURKI learnt from this amazing character, who, if nothing else, taught us all the ways to lead a joyful life. You might have your own readings about him, feel free to share and comment.



There are many who call themselves happy, but are not happy. Mr Bean, whom we have always seen happy, stays happy and makes us also happy. Now that reason can be known by each one of us in our own perspective. Stay happy anyways and make others happy too.



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We must have seen many episodes of Mr. Bean. But do we actually get bored if we repeatedly see it more than once? No, right! This character never fails to surprise us with his creativity and humour. We know how our photograph comes on passport. This man has a way out for that too. Hats off Boss!



Nobody’s life is without problems. But how we deal with it, is what matters. Mr Bean has a smile to all problems and a solution to overcome it. Lage Raho Bhai!



In life, we often take a quick action to any situation without observing it well. Take a pause, observe it properly, you may have a better solution to it is what Mr. Bean says.

Soch kar dekho, rasta apne aap dikhega!



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You are the best, be you and live life. You are not Sharma ji ka beta who will achieve all in life.

Believe in yourself and karlo dunia muthi mae.




We run after Big. Big dreams, big car, big house and all to be big. That’s not bad, but the joy and satisfaction in small things is what makes us achieve big in life.


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Living each moment is so precious. Bringing out the best in you for your loved ones and making the moment memorable and cherishing it for a lifetime is the lesson we take ahead.

We love you Mr. Bean. Live long and make us laugh always.

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